Open Water SCUBA Class
This course will take you through everything to get your Open Water certification card.  After passing the written exam and pool skills, we head to the ocean for 2 days of Open Water dives. This class involves 2 weeks of 2 days each week of pool instruction. Most dive shops rush you through the course with one pool session before heading to the ocean. Divers in this course are trained to be competent and confident before attempting ocean dives.

*Ocean conditions permitting and High tide dependent for 1st two Open Water dives.
​I provide tanks, weights, BC, and regulator for the pool sessions.
You must provide mask, fins, snorkel and a wetsuit/booties for comfort.
Class maximum is 4 students.
Private lessons can be arranged. 
​Call for personalized scheduling for groups of 4.

Prices upon request​.

  1. Refresher Dive Class
    This class is for the certified diver, (certifying agency inconsequential) who has not been diving in over a year and wishes to run through a quick review of basic skills or feel more comfortable in the water with an instructor. Class includes tank, regulator, BC and weights. You must provide certification card, mask, snorkel, fins, booties and wetsuit when appropriate. Price upon request.
  2. Open Water Dives/Dive Certification
    Open Water Certifications require 4 dives. Referrals from another dive agency that is not NAUI is accepted. You must provide completed refrerral paperwork, your instructor's name and contact information in advance. We provide equipment. You must have mask, snorkel fins with booties and a wetsuit if appropriate per time of year. *Subject to Ocean conditions and availability. Price upon request.
  3. Guided Dives
    If you want a professional diver as a buddy and would like some personal attention in some of the most spectacular diving in South Florida, hire a dive guide and get treated like royalty to ensure a safe and fun dive. You provide own gear. Price upon request.
  4. Advanced Scuba Diver
    This class is for certified divers, who wish to become more advanced than their Basic Open Water training. Certification entails 6 open water dives and E-Learning with exam. Class includes a variety of different dive activities to broaden your dive experience. There are 3 required dives: Night(low viz), Navigation & Deep, and 3 additional but different dives. Class fee includes E-Learning, boat fee and certification fee. Divers must provide own equipment. Price upon request.
  5. Nitrox (EANx)
    This Specialty course is for certified divers, who wish to be able to utilize Nitrox as a breathing medium. This is a great specialty to acquire if going on a trip, where you will be doing several dives a day over several days, and/or for Florida dive boats, which all use Nitrox to get more no-decompression dive time. Class fee includes E-Learning and certification fee & tank analysis. Price upon request.
  6. DAN CPR/First Aid, DEMP, O2 Admin., HMLI & Neuro
    These are D.A.N (Divers Alert Network) courses for divers and individuals, who wish to be able to administer emergency support to divers and the public. It is also required to participate in Rescue Diver Course. Price Upon request.
  7. Try SCUBA
    If you want to try Scuba diving but aren't ready to invest in a certification course, this is for you. No previous Scuba experience needed. This is not a certification class. Includes gear and pool. Ages 10 and up. Also available for pool parties in your pool. Details and Price upon request.
  8. CPR/First Aid, Oxygen Administration
Private Swim Lessons
When I'm not teaching Scuba, I teach Private swim lessons.
I will come to your pool in Jupiter.
Ages 6 months up to 100+.
I offer personalized lesson plans and flexible scheduling.
Price upon request.